Leading manufacturer for :
  • Land Drilling Rig
  • Rig Floor Equipment (Rotary Table, Swivel, Travelling Block, Elevator Link, Drilling line, Iron Roughneck)
  • Mud pump (Eqivalent to Continental Emsco F design)
  • Top Drive System
  • Tubular automatical handling system.
  • Solid Control Equipment
  • Well Control Equipment (Cameron, Shaffer style)
  • Surface Wellhead & X-tree
  • Gate valve API 6A Spec
Best manufacturer for Varco /BJ, Web Wilson style 
  • Manual tong.
  • Elevator
  • Slips
  • Safety clamp
  • Power slips
  • Spider /elevator
  • Iron Roughneck (Equivalent to Varco ST-80C)
  • Hydraulic Catwalk
  • Master Bushing
  • Roller Kelly Bushing, 
Leading manufacturer for :
  • Power Drilling tong
  • Power casing tong 
  • Iron Roughneck (Equivalent to Varco IR-3080)
Leading manufacturer for:
  • Mud valve (DEMCO style)
  • Mud pump fluid end module for BOMCO, NOV and GD mud pump
  • Mud pump fluid end consumsables for BOMCO, NOV and GD mud pump
  • AR valve & seat for FMC, SPM and GD Pump
  • Frac pump fluid end module for FMC, SPM and GD Frac pump